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Developmental Editing

You've written 50,000 words, but they seem to just sit on the page. They don't grab the heart. You've said everything you wanted to say, but somehow the point just doesn't come through. Or maybe you've got things just about the way you want them, and your friends have told you they think you're just about there; but you need a little help polishing your work and resolving lingering issues. Maybe your masterpiece is just shy of perfect, but you need another set of eyes.

That's why I'm here. Let me help you find the book inside those words. We'll develop your concepts and structure, fine tune the readability of your work, and keep a close eye on your mechanics—all while maintaining your voice and personality. Let's get to polishing and resolving those little issues. Let's move your work on to the next level—publishing.

All editing services: $40/hr

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