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About Grace Writing Service

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I'm the face behind Grace Writing Service.

GWS is a Christian writing and editing service, geared primarily for authors who are looking toward independent publishing. Since 2008, I've had the pleasure of working with authors just like you to develop Bible studies and accompanying workbooks, personal stories and testimonies, books discussing doctrinal issues, Christian fiction, and topical booklets. My goal is to work with each author as closely as possible to help you through every stage of the writing process—from outline to finished product—to bring about the best possible manuscript.

Over the years, I have had the blessing of serving the Lord both at home and internationally in missions, women's and children's ministries, prison ministries, and in daily life. In the midst of ministry, God has graciously allowed me to work in printing, layout, writing, editing, material development, and independent publishing. This experience coupled with a degree in Biblical Studies helps me relate to many aspects of the writing that is unique to Christians and gives me a better understanding of the issues and concerns of today's Christian world. It's my desire to help you do as the Lord commanded Habakkuk:

"Write the vision, and make it plain . . .
that he may run that readeth it."


Why Independent Publishing?

Independent publishing wasn't my goal when I first set out as a writer. As I was growing up, a certain stigma attached itself to a "self-published" book. My years working in a print shop, however, opened my eyes to the fact that self-published books are crammed full of value! They also have some pretty amazing authors behind them! As technology has improved and the market has opened up, the stigma has begun to slide away, making the potential for authors to get their books out into the world much more attainable.

As a Christian writer, I am especially excited about the possibilities independent publishing offers. God wanted the message He had given Habakkuk to be written in a manner that could quickly be disseminated. He wanted the reader to be able to run. Independent publishing allows us to do much the same thing with the message God has given us. Rather than waiting for years to be discovered, to land a contract, or to find someone who will even give us the time of day, we're able to take God's message straight to the press. This is an amazing opportunity. It is also a huge responsibility.

My desire is to help you get your work, the message God has put in your heart, out as quickly as possible—but, I'm a stickler about doing it the right way. That old stigma comes back in a flash if our work is not properly designed and edited. Independent publishing is a lot of work, but its reward is worth the effort.